What You Should Know About Traveling With a Pet

There is nothing more fun than grabbing your pet and taking off on a road trip. Whether you have an extended holiday in mind or a just a couple of days to break up the boredom of city living,it will be good for you and your 4- legged friend… well, your monkey might have only 2 legs but I wouldn’t suggest traveling with your monkey. That is just one thing to know when traveling with a pet. Check out more of my suggestions.


Be a responsible pet friendly traveler. You might travel with your dog but I wouldn’t take along your exotic animals. If you must, please ask the establishment if that is allowed. You put the establishment in a very embarrassing position. They won’t like turning you away but they may have to. Many insurance companies limit the liability to hotels allowing pets. That is why some have weight and breed limits. Always come clean and pick the accommodation that is right for you. This is true of cats as well. Many people are extremely allergic. Therefore if you travel with a cat you will find fewer places to accommodate you and you may end up in a smoking room.


This cuts down on the anxiety of your pet. They much prefer sleeping in their own bedroom. So, bring it along. You will find the hotelier will be very happy with your choice to do so.


You will want to know if the accommodation you have chosen is merely pet tolerant or are they pet friendly. There is a huge difference. Do they have an exercise area? Are you limited to pet-friendly (smoking) rooms? Sometimes this is not the best choice. Remember you want to be comfortable too.


You always want to be proactive here. If there is ever an altercation, by law a dog must be quarantined without proof of vaccination.


Bring along all necessary cleaning supplies in the case there is an accident and don’t forget your poop bags. Clean up after yourself and let there be no proof your pooch has ever been in the room.

Hopefully in the future the day will come where we can dine with our hounds, grab a street car in San Fran or hail a taxi in NYC. But we must prove we are worthy of such a privilege. Until that time let us do all we can to be the best and most responsible pet-friendly travelers out there.