What You Need to Know About Traveling to Africa

Soaked with an ancient history, dating back to 3300 BC, Africa, the second largest continent after Asia is an appetizing food for travel lovers and tourists. It’s a continent comprising of a jigsaw of various countries of different cultures, historical backgrounds, landforms and alluring scenic beauty. The North African countries- Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Morocco etc, are quite similar in culture to the Arab countries. Whereas South Africa is a blend of many cultures stained with its strong British and Dutch roots. Getting cheap flights to Africa can give you a chance to feel a breeze of this in the land of mysteries.

It is always advised that one must plan his trip ahead of time in order to explore this vast continent. Be it the ancient, magnificent pyramids of Egypt, or enchanting, breath taking waterfalls of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, or the safaris of Kenya, or the beaches of Tanzania – every country differs dramatically and gives you an experience of a lifetime. Hence, travelers must have a good know how about how to get cheap air flights to Africa, to not only admire the scenic beauty there but also enjoy by spending more on luxury than on air travel tickets.

The first step to getting cheap flights to Africa is to book the tickets in advance around two months before as the seats are limited as compared to many destinations in Africa, bearing small tourist industries.

If travelling to South Africa, then try booking your ticket during day time and during the mid week. It is because most people like to travel during the weekends and many businessmen prefer travelling during the night. Hence, with the demand of night time travel and over the weekends, the cost of mid week, day time travel is likely to be less, which is generally on low demand.

History matters. If you are travelling through Europe, then try travelling through those countries that once had colonies in Africa. These countries still share good ties with these new countries in Africa and because of it they may offer reasonable air line fares with discount.

Better take connecting flights and pay less than pay a lot for direct flights. Flights from London are expensive, hence try travelling to other destinations in Europe such as Paris or Amsterdam and from there take a flight to Africa. These stopovers may take time but would reduce the travel cost.

Moreover, make use of regional hubs. There are many budget airline companies in all parts of Africa that operates regionally to different countries directly.

Flying via Dubai may prove to be beneficial as Emirates have an extensive network in Africa and they may offer good deals time to time. Their service is great and stopovers are minimal too specially for Flights to Nigeria.

In the end, you should take help of an experienced travel agent. They are informed about many air line deals.
Happy exploring Africa!