Talking About Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance is normally the most comprehensive type of travel insurance you need to protect yourself and your family when taking a trip or vacation. Let’s look at why.

This is an example of the coverage offered on a good travel medical insurance plan. There are more comprehensive and less comprehensive travel medical insurance plans available and the amount of protection will vary from plan to plan and from company to company.

A good travel medical plan will normally include some pretty comprehensive protection, including:

  • Hospital Room and Board
  • Intensive Care
  • Medical Expenses
  • Outpatient Medical
  • Local Ambulance
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Emergency Room Accidents
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Emergency Reunion
  • Return of Mortal Remains
  • Return of Minor Children
  • Political Evacuation
  • Incidental Home Country Coverage
  • End of Trip Home Country Coverage
  • Common Carrier AD&D
  • Sports & Activities
  • AD&D
  • Terrorism
  • Identity Theft
  • Natural Disaster
  • Trip Interruption
  • Lost Luggage

Whew it’s a long list huh! All of this protection you can get for a nominal cost, something like $46.00 for a 2 week vacation (for a husband and wife ages 35 and 32). That is a really good investment both for your protection and for the peace of mind you get by knowing you are protected for almost anything which could happen.

Maybe you think you don’t want to spend the money for a good Travel Medical Insurance plan. You want to get a really cheap plan.

OK, lets look at what’s covered and decide what we don’t need.

  • Let’s see we could get rid of Identity Theft, but wait what if someone pick’s your pocket in Italy or France and uses your id and credit cards to buy some stuff, is that worth saving $46.00? I don’t think so.
  • Why not drop the Emergency Room Accident coverage? You’re not going to have an accident, are you? Remember that if you do you will have to pay for whatever treatment you get before you are released and it could be in the thousands. Really want to chance it?
  • Also remember that you are in a strange country and sadly, if you are an American everyone knows that all Americans are rich so you could pay much more than a local citizen would pay. Why not let your Insurance company handle the payments?

Just to save a little money 1 unforeseen incident would more than pay for your Travel Medical Insurance.

You might also think that your credit cards will cover you when traveling, please check them to see exactly what is covered. Most don’t give adequate protection at all, just the bare minimum.

If you think that the insurance you have in your country of residence, check it also. Most times this insurance won’t cover you in other countries or if it does, again it is usually minimal.

Travel Medical Insurance, never Travel without it. The money you save by not having it is really not worth the risk.

Details About Travel Systems – Strollers

Stroller travel systems are commonplace and is seen everywhere theses days. Most of the parents require strollers that helps them carry out with their day-to-day activities. Many parents are inconvenienced from enjoying other things in their life without strollers for the baby. With the passage of time, there has been a plethora of stroller brands and a variety of styles to choose from, available in a wide range of stores all over the place.

There are a great deal of features and benefits those are packaged into each of these travel system strollers which are innovatory added time and again to give the customers a wider choice of flexibility, convenience, portability, storage options as well as price in order to make sure that the parents as well as the baby gets the best of comfort and safety when they use these strollers.

In earlier times, normal baby strollers were designed with the idea of making the child lie down flat while the parents push the stroller. These days, strollers are custom built so that they are suitable to the needs of a growing baby, besides being convenient for the father and mother. Manufacturers have also made customized and tailor made travel system strollers in order to enable traveling comfortable for the child as well as the parents.

Travel systems strollers have are now an item of necessity for parents with their newborns because of the ease of usage, comfort and safety they provide the baby with and his or her parents. In similar ways like purchasing any ordinary stroller, buying a travel system stroller needs to be done with utmost care and caution, you need to consider the most crucial aspects like safety and comfort for the baby. End of the day you need to get your value for money as well.

What You Need to Know About Traveling to Africa

Soaked with an ancient history, dating back to 3300 BC, Africa, the second largest continent after Asia is an appetizing food for travel lovers and tourists. It’s a continent comprising of a jigsaw of various countries of different cultures, historical backgrounds, landforms and alluring scenic beauty. The North African countries- Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Morocco etc, are quite similar in culture to the Arab countries. Whereas South Africa is a blend of many cultures stained with its strong British and Dutch roots. Getting cheap flights to Africa can give you a chance to feel a breeze of this in the land of mysteries.

It is always advised that one must plan his trip ahead of time in order to explore this vast continent. Be it the ancient, magnificent pyramids of Egypt, or enchanting, breath taking waterfalls of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, or the safaris of Kenya, or the beaches of Tanzania – every country differs dramatically and gives you an experience of a lifetime. Hence, travelers must have a good know how about how to get cheap air flights to Africa, to not only admire the scenic beauty there but also enjoy by spending more on luxury than on air travel tickets.

The first step to getting cheap flights to Africa is to book the tickets in advance around two months before as the seats are limited as compared to many destinations in Africa, bearing small tourist industries.

If travelling to South Africa, then try booking your ticket during day time and during the mid week. It is because most people like to travel during the weekends and many businessmen prefer travelling during the night. Hence, with the demand of night time travel and over the weekends, the cost of mid week, day time travel is likely to be less, which is generally on low demand.

History matters. If you are travelling through Europe, then try travelling through those countries that once had colonies in Africa. These countries still share good ties with these new countries in Africa and because of it they may offer reasonable air line fares with discount.

Better take connecting flights and pay less than pay a lot for direct flights. Flights from London are expensive, hence try travelling to other destinations in Europe such as Paris or Amsterdam and from there take a flight to Africa. These stopovers may take time but would reduce the travel cost.

Moreover, make use of regional hubs. There are many budget airline companies in all parts of Africa that operates regionally to different countries directly.

Flying via Dubai may prove to be beneficial as Emirates have an extensive network in Africa and they may offer good deals time to time. Their service is great and stopovers are minimal too specially for Flights to Nigeria.

In the end, you should take help of an experienced travel agent. They are informed about many air line deals.
Happy exploring Africa!

What You Need to Know About Traveling With a Pet

There are indeed many individuals who would wish to go an a much needed vacation. This allows them to relax and get away from stress as much as possible. To make the experience even more worthwhile, they would get their friends and family members to join in on the fun. By family members, this also means the non-official ones, such as pets. Pet travel, however, is something that can raise a few concerns. In fact, there are some things that people must take into consideration before they just go ahead on traveling with pets. They would have to take the following tips into heart and mind before anything:

Check your pet’s health with the veterinarian – Practically every airline company in the world doesn’t just allow allows pet owners to take their pets with them so simply. They would need to be presented with certification and validation from a veterinarian so as to make sure that your pet is healthy to travel with you. This process is routine for every traveller who brings their pets with them before the flight. Even after you’ve arrived at your destination, there may even be some hotels and resorts which won’t allow you to bring your pets without the proper documentation. Therefore, it is necessary for you to visit the veterinarian several weeks before your departure date. This way, they can be assessed for any illnesses which can be treated and healed right before you leave for your vacation. Apart from that, they will also receive proper vaccination for any problems that they may contract while being with you on your trip, including heartworm and fleas.

Make sure that the place you’re staying at is pet-friendly – As stated above, some hotels and resorts may not be welcome to the idea of having pets stay as guests alongside the owners. Therefore, research must be done on the Internet before anything. Search for some possible spots where you can stay in which also allow pets to be brought with you.

Inject your pet with a tranquilizer – Not every pet is exactly well behaved, especially when it comes to traveling. They may even be anxious and panicky. Thus, to avoid dealing with troubles, you might want to have them injected with tranquilizers. Some tranquilizers can be used for both humans and pets, such as diazepam, but you will want to make sure that you don’t use the same dosage for them as you would with yourself.

These are just a few things you need to remember when traveling with pets. You would want pet travel to be as smooth and trouble-free as possible, so keeping the abovementioned matters in mind can save you from any inconvenience should you go on a trip with pets.