Interesting Facts About Traveling To Cuba

Cuba is a remarkable place to visit and with the recent news about the flights being opened for this island nation, tourists are having interest in visiting this place. But not so fast Cuba is not open for everyone in the USA. The traveling ban on Cuba has been lifted and hence it makes it a good destination to be visited this year.

Can Tourists From US Travel To Cuba Legally?

Not currently, the US State Department is mentioning that tourists from the US cannot visit Cuba under the US law. Therefore US citizens are not allowed to travel to Cuba; however, there are 12 categories that can travel to Cuba legally. Those twelve categories are described below.

Any Concessions To Tourist Ban:

According to the recent reports, the ban on tourism for US residents is a pretty strange situation since the changes in the rules make it difficult to determine who can travel legally and who cannot, which makes it a little difficult to enforce the ban.

The report also highlights that travelers who fall in this category can travel to Cuba and don’t have to get any special permission letter from the government. In literal meanings this means that people who are falling in the twelve categories can travel to Cuba without any problem and can book a flight to this spectacular destination.

Who Can Travel To Cuba:

Here are the following twelve legal categories which are allowed to travel to Cuba; these categories haven’t changed much over the past few years. However, the thing that has changed is that over the time it has become easier to travel to Cuba and gain authorization for it.

Here are the 12 categories or reasons under which you can travel to Cuba:

• If you have family, relatives living there.
• Official business trip of foreign or the US governments and other intergovernmental departments.
• Media related activities.
• Professional meetings and research.
• Activities regarding education.
• Activities relating to religious norms
• Clinics, public performances, athletic competitions, exhibitions and workshops to support the locals of Cuba.
• Export local products.
• Humanely projects
• Activities or Research educational institution’s foundation.
• Import and Export of goods.
• Certain approved export businesses.

US Airlines That Fly To Cuba:

Currently there are not many airlines that are flying to Cuba, but many airlines have shown their interest in starting their flights to this destination. Many airlines consider it as a good opportunity to open flights to Cuba and are looking forward for the implementation on it as they think that it will be beneficial for the air industry and the customers.

Touring Information For Cuba:

If you are a US citizen and then you can check with the government tourism websites, they will provide you all the relevant information regarding who can travel to Cuba.